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Suicide Prevention Education Awareness for Kids United as Partners


About The Founders

Speak Up foundation was created and formed by two families that both suffered a devastating loss due to mental illness ending in suicide.

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Funds raised will support a teen mental health campaign by the SPEAK UP Foundation and the Greater Kansas City Mental Health Coalition, programs of Jewish Family Services.

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Mental Health Campaign

High School Mental Health Campaign. It is our goal to supplement and expand upon your efforts where needed, assist with coordination and help to ensure their highest quality. We will work with each individual school to meet its needs.

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Mission Statement

The Speak Up Foundation was inspired, created and formed by two families who both suffered devastating personal losses due to mental illness resulting in suicide. It is from these tragic life events that we decided to rise from the fiery ashes of emotional pain and despair and create this foundation dedicated to change.

We are two families who have walked different paths in life now joined in one united fight. We stand together to break the silence and reduce the stigma surrounding all mental illness and suicide. Our passionate hope is that Speak Up will provide quality education and awareness in our community and bridge the communication gaps between community, schools and parents.

We want to encourage and be the steward of open conversations with our children and educate our community about the different danger signs for children who may be “at risk.” We hope that you will join us in our valiant fight and pledge with us to end the societal stigma surrounding mental illness and suicide.

Speak Up is doing this in multiple ways:

  • For the past two years, we have been sending renowned inspirational speaker and suicide survivor, Kevin Hines, to high schools in crisis to motivate teens to get help. 
  • We will also provide funding for teachers, not just counselor's, for suicide awareness training (SOS) since they see the teens every day.
  • Lastly, and one of the things I think is most powerful,  is a teen driven campaign called You be You, put together by Bernstein Rein. It provides messaging, resources and appealing things to teens like videos, shirts, stickers, sidewalk decals etc. focused on being unique, not perfect and not broken, even if you feel that way compared to all the images  on social media and TV.

These are just a few options that the Speak Up Foundation is helping the community with the generous donations being raised. We would love to help bring suicide education and awareness to every school.