Allie’s Blog

The blog was created to help me in the beginning with the grieving process after of the loss of my daughter Sara.  This writing outlet was started one month after our loss of Sara, August,  when I was attending a  group therapy session.  This was an idea what was suggestion from the group to help other facing the new reality of their world, a loss of a loved one.   After months and months of riding waves of grief, anger, frustration and why’s, I have documented every step of my journey.  Each post is heartfelt and honest from the very core of who I am.  I have literally poured my grief into the pages of my blog.  Although my blog is raw and clearly shows the devastation of one person’s action it is also a place of comfort.  This is a safe place for those who struggles and those who have lost loved ones to suicide. Each journey is unique as the loved one lost, but our one thing that binds us all is that we want this to never happen to another family.   That is why I Speak Up.

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